FMM-407 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Operation Life   The linked video is titled: Breaking Set Points Snake Diet With Snake Juice Fasting Lifestyle   Here are my notes: Josh loves everything about fasting money saved weight that you lose health regained normal blood pressure beating diabetes reduced inflammation   Josh does his weigh ins where he breaks through the 250 pounds. 

FMM-406 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Ivor Cummins and William Davis   The linked video is Ivor interviewing wheat belly author William Davis   it’s an hour long, I highly suggest you watch the entire thing, these guys are brilliant   Here are my notes: Dr Bobbit is a great case of how bad the current state of heart disease prevention Davis has a new

FMM-405 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr. Ken Berry

its Friday, no yolo moments this weekend plan your eats, eat your plan   The linked video is titled: 7 More Things You Should Know about intermittent fasting   Here are my notes: all the major religions had fasting as a major part of their religion, partly to be as healthy and vigorous as possible

FMM-404 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by minister of wellness   I am THOR and thor is not addicted to food   The linked video is part 9 of the 12 components of food addiction, this one is called: Laziness   Here are my notes: food addiction is afflicting our nation there is no easy path to being healthy walking is fine, but you

FMM-403 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Science Insider   The linked video is titled: Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths   Here are the 17 myths, I am wording them into 17 hints   you cannot convert fat to muscle, they are separate things, you burn fat, you build muscle fasted morning workouts is good for losing body fat.working out at night

FMM-402 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by the Life fasting app   using an app is absolutely not necessary. you could use a timer if you want to be reminded to eat, just use an alarm the whole idea of fasting is to simplify our lives, so you don’t need to add more tracking that being said, community is awesome, which many of these apps

FMM-401 Monday Mission inspired by Conscious Calisthenics

It’s Monday?  what’s your plan? I will do a 3 day Thursday fast   The linked video is titled: STOP F*CKING EATING TO LOSE WEIGHT! this is a very motivating video, but there is some colorful language   Here are my notes: we have an obesity crises these folks are eating themselves to death they

FMM-400 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Shameen Miller   The linked video is titled: top 7 tips on the snake diet   Here are my notes: #1 be grateful for your body and everything that you can do with your body #2 stop putting unrealistic expectations on yourself #3 respect and love the process it takes time think about how many years

FMM-399 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by William Shewfelt   The linked video is titled: EASIEST WAY TO GET RIPPED FAST?? (Best diet to burn fat)   Here are my notes: if you want to lose fat as fast as possible and you want to get ripped the simplest diet to get ripped, lose fat, and not lose muscle the simplest diet to

FMM-398 Fired Up Friday inspired by Cdub     Happy Friday everyone What’s your plan for the weekend? no yolo moments. no binge and fast cycles I am in control this is my favorite time of year, I’m gonna get outside.     The linked video is titled: what did OMAD fix in me?   Here are my notes: the first