FMM-468 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dy Ann Parham   The linked video is titled: Intermittent Fasting & Your Failure Tolerance   Here are my notes: sometimes its easy to pin failure on other people was ask people to hand us a blueprint on how we should act to achieve success we should allow ourselves to fail, fail repeatedly, and get through failure

FMM-467 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Natural Weight Loss Mastery   I am thor and thor is not addicted to food   The linked video is titled: One Powerful Intermittent Fasting Benefit For Food Addicts   Here are my notes: why is intermittent fasting a good method for food addicts? it’s the simple rule of not eating for 16 or 20 hours a day

FMM-466 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Mario Tomic   The linked video is titled: Want To Get a Lean Body? DON’T MESS THIS UP!   Here are my notes: we all want long term results, Mario talks about retaining long term results these take a lot of effort its not easy its worth it Mario sees a lot of people with a

FMM-465 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Rachel Sharp are you doing a 2 day fast with me today? even if its 36 hours, having a full day without food can be a huge health boost   The linked video is titled: MY EXPERIENCE WITH INTERMITTENT, ALTERNATE DAY FASTING     Here are my notes: Rachel believes that although some protocols allow you

FMM-464 Monday Mission Fasting Run Down

New Week, new Month. We’ve got 2 months left in 2019 shed the fat, maintain through the holidays, and start 2020 as the new me where food and weight are habits and I focus MY time and energy on family, fun, and career   this is the fasting run down Just Fast Start today what

FMM-463 Sunday Sunday inspired by Paul Revelia     The linked video is titled: One Meal A Day Diet Success   Here are my notes: the guy asking Paul for help says that OMAD is the only diet he can stick to for more than a week he also does a lower carb diet Paul is not a big fan of

FMM-462 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Gary Taubes   Gary Taubes is a rock star in the keto community.  this  video is a pretty good representation of most of his talks   The linked video is titled: The Quality of Calories   Here are my notes: make no mistake, we are in an obesity and diabetes epidemic you would want experts to

FMM-461 Fired Up Friday inspired by CDUB   The linked video is titled: 20 benefits of intermittent fasting!     Here are my notes: you save money you will have more free time, less prep time, less time eating, less time cleaning you give your body a break from digestion so it can heal break food addictions #5 get hunger under

FMM-460 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by kinobody   I am Thor and thor is not addicted to foods   The linked video is titled: How to Stop Binge Eating Once and for All   Here are my notes: Greg talks about where you want to get to. He just had a single ice cream bar, and he is satisfied. Many people

FMM-459 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by fit father project   The linked video is titled: 6 Principles of Muscle Building   Here are my notes: first, focus on getting strong before getting bigger the foundation is the big 5: squat, dead lift, pull ups, overhead press, and bench press strength is a prerequisite to size more weight more reps more sets focus on