Six Miles To Supper:  How to Deal with Hunger   Fasting Motivation 27: NO FOOD TIL SUPPER   It’s the weekend, just remember, if you’re not doing an extended fast, you can still do …. OMAD Friday OMAD Saturday OMAD Sunday OMAD OMAD OMAD   Use whatever mantra works for you say it over

FMM-026 Dr Mindy Part 2

Dr. Mindy Pelz’ Book Study on Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code   Fasting Motivation 26 Dr. Mindy Part 2   These are more of Dr Mindy’s points: there several false assumptions that we make   we wrongly assume that calories in and calories out are independent of each other, they are not, as you

FMM-025 Dr Mindy Part 1

Dr. Mindy Pelz’ Book Study on Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code   Fasting Motivation 25 – Dr Mindy Part 1 see the notes for a link to Dr. Mindy’s playlist regarding the Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung   These are some of Dr. Mindy’s Points   Jason gives a bunch of reasons why

FMM-024 Two-Day Tuesday RBI = Rock Bottom Insulin

  Doctor Doron Sher at the Low Carb Down Under conference     Fasting Motivation 24 Two-Day Tuesday RBI – Rock Bottom Insulin   Included in the show notes is a super technical talk by Doctor Doron Sher at the Low Carb Down Under conference.  The link is to the point in the video

FMM-023 Map your week Monday

Fasting Motivation 23- Map your week Monday Monday Mapping Plan your eats, eat your plan The following are 3 different scenarios and possible eating plans   The Two-Day Tuesday Plan OMAD Monday –supper is the only meal Two day Tuesday – eat nothing, just drink snakejuice ODINs OMAD on Wednesday – feast !, ends your

FMM-022 Snake Diet Sunday – Michelene Adamo

Snake Diet Introduction Michelene   Michelene’s Videos   Snake Diet Facebook Group, it has hundreds of accountability posts:   WARNING!!  Snake Diet motivator Cole Robinson SWEARS LIKE A FREAKIN TRUCK DRIVER!! He is does NOT appeal to everyone, he can be offensive and hard to listen to, but for many many people,

FMM-021 Katurday is Keto Day-Keto for Absolute Beginners

2 Keto Dudes #89 – For Absolute Beginners   Carl and Richard’s Recipes     Fasting Motivation 21:  Katurday is Keto Day– Keto for Absolute Beginners Once again, we link to the 2 keto dudes, this video is for people just trying to learn about keto diets Carl and Richard are two overweight

FMM-020 Friday with Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael:   “The People CLOSEST to Me Don’t SUPPORT Me!”   Fasting Motivation 20 Evan Carmichael Evan Charmichael does motivational videos every single day   In the linked video, Evan talks about what its like to not have support from people around you   first have an empathetic conversation, explain how important it is,

FMM-019 Three Day Thursday might beat cancer

Ted talk: Starving cancer away:   How Fasting & the Keto Diet Actually Fight Cancer …Dr. Thomas Seyfried, PhD   Dr. Berg Interviews Miriam Kalamian on Cancer & the Ketogenic Diet     Fasting Motivation 19 –three day Thursday might beat cancer If you didn’t do a two-day fast on Tuesday, maybe

FMM-018 Reminder Run Down

Fasting Motivation 18 Reminder Run Down Just Fast Start today stay motivated with this podcast, with Cole and the Snake Diet, Jason Fung, Jimmy Moore, two Keto Dudes search for fasting on Youtube and podcasts OMAD OMAD OMAD – one meal a day, that’s 1 hour of eating, 23 hours of not eating Some weeks