FMM-047 Three-Day Thursday – Insulin

Dr. Berg’s thought’s on #1 Confusion of Every Person Struggling With Weight   Fasting Motivation 47:  Three Day Thursday Insulin inspired by Dr Berg The #1 Confusion of Every Person Struggling With Weight is insulin, what causes it to rise, and what does it do.     all you have to focus on

FMM-046 Workout Wednesday – HIIT   Fasting Motivation 46 – Workout Wednesday – HIIT training   Here on fasting motivation, we recommend fasting and rock bottom insulin to peel off the fat and get shredded.   Working out is about adding muscle and making your heart stronger.   The following list are some high intensity interval training ideas: sprint

FMM-045 Two-Day Tuesday – Butter Bob Briggs

Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem   6:16 Fatter people have higher fasting insulin:   17:03 70% of the reduction in insulin levels occurs in the first 24 hours of fasting   Fasting Motivation 45 Two Day Tuesday and the Fifty percent insulin problem   Today we link to a youtube by Butter

FMM-044 Measurement Monday – 7 day average weight tracker

From Kayla at Six Miles To Supper: 7 Day Average Weight:  How its Helped me to succeed with weight lss   How to fill it out:   Download the excel document here:   Fasting Motivation 44 – Measurement Monday and the 7 day average weight tracker inspired by Kayla at Six Miles

FMM-043 SnakeDiet Sunday Shameen’ Success Point

Shameen Miller – HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT FASTING   Fasting Motivation 43 – Snake Diet Sunday – Shameen talks about how to be successful at fasting   Cole has not posted much on YouTube lately, so we will revisit Shameen Miller   There are many things to consider when fasting at the six

FMM-042 Katurday is for Keto-Artificial Sweeteners Fasting Motivation 42 Katurday is for Keto-Artificial Sweeteners inspired by DeLauer Link in the show notes Sweetness is psychological as you reduce sugar and sweet things in your diet, your taste buds are going to change, your cravings are going to change, your insulin response is going to change you only need the

FMM-041 Fasting Friday – Reminder Run Down

Fasting Motivation 41 Reminder Run Down Just Fast Start today what can be measured can be managed weigh yourself, use fat calipers, post your pictures stay motivated with youtubes from Cole and the Snake Diet, Jason Fung, Jimmy Moore, two Keto Dudes OMAD OMAD OMAD – one meal a day, that’s 1 hour of eating,

FMM-040 lose belly fat – inspired by gravity transformation

Gravity Transformation’s 9 Steps to Lose your belly (based on science)   Fasting Motivation 40 lose your belly fat – inspired by gravity transformation linked in the notes.   you burn fat on your whole body, you can’t isolate and spot reduce weight training increases your basal metabolic rate and prevents muscle loss as

FMM-039 Workout Wednesday –HIIT with DeLauer

4 Ways to Improve HIIT Workouts for Increased Fat Loss   Fasting Motivation 39 – Workout Wednesday – High Intensity Interval Training inspired by Thomas DeLauer   for HIIT training you want to focus on the anaerobic system, that’s super high intensity like sprinting for 30 seconds, Get your recovery ratio right to get

FMM-038 Try it out Tuesday   Fasting Motivation 38 – Try it out Tuesday and N=1 experiments (part 1)     if what you’re doing isn’t working, change it up !   run a study where the number of subjects is one, just you these are known as an N = 1 experiments   and as adam savage says,