FMM-088 Work out Wednesday Split workout vs Full body       I recently switched from a split workout to a full body for no other reason than I think I enjoy it more.   I do pull-legs-push-abs six time through   I do 2-3 different things every time   and its just more fun   of course there

FMM-087 Two-Day Tuesday

Who’s doing  2 day Tuesday? I ate one meal last night for supper and I will eat supper Wednesday thats 48 hours, but saying 2-day Tuesday is more fun   what happens to our bodies when we fast for 48 or 72 hours?   because we haven’t eaten, our insulin levels drop telling the body

FMM-086 Make a Plan Monday and Dr. Jason Fung’s Tweets     Happy Monday everyone I have mapped out my week with 2 48 hour fasts and 5 omad days. eat-fast-eat-fast-eat-eat-eat     Dr Jason Fung has a bunch of youtube talks and interviews out there. He is a Nephrologist, a kidney doctor, working with weight management and diabetes.   He runs

FMM-085 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole   Step 1 – Stop fucking eating   snake juice is made with 2 liters of water 1 tsp of potassium chloride –which is sold as nosalt ½ tsp of pink salt 1 tsp of baking soda – great   don’t drink straight water   you can drink more than 2 liters a day,

FMM-084 Katurday is for Keto Inspired by Dr Nick and Dr Boz

Dr Nick Zyrowski   Dr Boz   2keto dudes…starting keto:   According to Dr Nick and Dr. Boz, the ketogenic diet or a low carb diets helps with fasting.   you won’t have blood sugar swings low carb diets are more satiating you’ll have less cravings balanced nutrients especially if you have

FMM-083 Fasting Friday About this Podcast Fasting Motivation 83 Fasting Friday and About this Podcast I started this podcast was because I was looking for a quick daily summary of fasting youtubes and podcasts out there   it didn’t exist. somebody said, if you want it, maybe other people will too   There are a lot of pretty

FMM-082 Three-Day Thors Day Inspired by Tom Bilyeu

    I’m in the middle of a three day Thursday fast—its been 36 hours since eating, and I will break this 72 hour fast on Friday at supper   Today is Thor’s Day.  Thor’s Day is Your Day   knowing that even today as a caterpillar with nothing to indicate you’ll become a butterfly

FMM-081 One Meal Odin Day – Athletes and Celebrities

  Fasting Motivation 81 One Meal Odins Day– Athletes and Celebrities that practice OMAD   For a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses and rock stars, they all stayed skinny ‘cause they just don’t eat.   sounds funny, but now we know that when we’re fat, we can fast safely and healthily.   The following

FMM-080 –12 fasting tips inspired by personal

12 tips to achieve fasting success     Fasting Motivation 80 – 12 fasting tips inspired by personal Today’s link is the 12 tips to achieve fasting success by Celestine Chua, click the link to find her complete fasting journal for an extended 3 week fast.   Before you fast, do your research

FMM-079 Monday Mission inspired by youtuber carnivore life

This youtuber…Carnivore Life….his videos:   His day 8 video:   His Snake Diet video:     Fasting Motivation 79 Monday Mission inspired by youtuber carnivore life I’m on track for a three day Thursday….:  eat eat fast fast eat eat eat that’s a 72 hour fast from Tuesday supper until Friday supper