FMM-108 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Jason Fungs Blog   Does high insulin causeobesity?   The “insulin causes obesity” hypothesis is easily tested. If you give insulin to a random group of people, will they gain fat? The short answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Patients who use insulin regularly and physicians who prescribe it already know the awful truth:4the more insulin you give, the

FMM-107 Monday Mission and 10 ways to lose weight

inspired by Brightside   10 Ways to Lose Weight When Diets Don’t Work     What’s your mission this week? I am mentally preparing for thanksgiving and being around family all week, I will not fast my plan is to eat one meal a day every day this week omad omad omad    

FMM-106 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Mariah’s 40 days of fasting

Mariah Vitoria: 40 Questions About 40 Days of Fasting   to reiterate yesterday’s podcast on fasting motivation, the fasting community has some disagreement on whether fasts longer than 3 days may be harmful.  On fasting motivation, we practice OMAD, two-day Tuesdays some weeks, and three-day Thursdays some weeks.  anything more than that should be

FMM-105 Katurday is Keto Day – 2 keto dudes and longer fasts

Listen to Professor Jake Kushner: Paediatric Endocrinologist from 2 Keto Dudes in Podcasts.   Dr. Stephen Phinney – ‘Metabolic Effects of Fasting: A Two-Edged Sword’   I’ve noticed lately that several podcast hosts have downplayed fasts that are longer than 3 days.   This past Sunday, I covered Cole, the snake diet guy

FMM-104 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr Legrand

Fasting Benefits For Body – How Your Digestion Benefits From Fasting   in the linked video, Dr Legrand sites several studies that demonstrate the following benefits of fasting.   it can improve common digestive symptoms such as distension abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, gas and bloating and much more.     fasting can

FMM-103 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by youtuber be inspired MOTIVATION FOR 2019 – You Really Need To Hear This!   this is YOUR day The biggest problem most people have when it comes to achieving those goals is just simply lack of starting lack of goal setting and really its apathy   are you going to start tomorrow?  start Monday?  start January 1st

FMM-102 Work-Out Wednesday – inspired by ABC Science

Get Fit in 6 minute:     Here are some of the points made in the video vo2 max is a measurement of metabolic fitness the higher the number, the lower risk of disease such as heart attacks and even cancer current recommendation is to do moderate exercise but most people don’t have the

FMM-101 Two-Day Tuesday Inspired by Sean Symons

Sean Symons:  100 days of fasting My 6 Months Documentary   If you are interested in following a guy who is doing 100 days of different kinds of fasting, start following Sean Symons   He is doing   Here are some of his points: he took out sugar, went keto he is starting with

FMM-100 Monday Mission inspired by Mindy Pelz and Jason Fung     Whats you’re Monday mission this week? I will do a 2 day tuesday omad fast omad omad omad the rest of the week and weekend   In this video, Dr Mindy Pelz talks about some of the things she picked up from some conversations   read Jason Fungs book the obesity

FMM-099 SnakeDiet Sunday – Cole’s weight loss for dummies

Cole: Snake Diet WEIGHT LOSS For FAT DUMMIES! —there will be swear words   Cole just released a new starter video   Snake Diet Weight Loss for fat dummies   the eating frequency is 72 hours – that’s 3 days, between eating   when you do eat, eat 0 carbs so that’s fat and