FMM-149 Monday Mission Monday Mantra inspired by Jennifer Still, the author at the gym   Happy New Years Eve !   Today’s link is to a quick little web site that I can use to motivate and remind myself how easy fasting is.   Here are Jennifer’s 7 tips:   learn the difference between hunger and boredom  remember snacking is for your brain, you don’t need the food.

FMM-148 Sunday Fun Day

38 Popular Diets Ranked From Best to Worst   Happy New Years EVE! get a workout in today, earn those drinks that you might have tonight   We’re going to have a little fun today I’m going to list a bunch of diets. we’ve got it figured out, we know that we can fast.

FMM-147 Katurday is Keto Day – Keto on a Budget

Keto on $5 a day infographic:     Huge $150 Aldi Grocery Haul! December 2018- Keto Friendly Logan Sneed – on$7.50 on keto full day of eating   Countess of Low Carb – Keto on a budget     all righty then !   Happy New

FMM-146 Fired Up Friday inspired by Bulldog Mindset   in the linked John Sonmez’s youtube OMAD playlist, John provides a bunch of youtubes letting us know all the reasons he loves OMAD.   John’s been doing it for over 4 years, he runs 50 miles a week, and has great results in the gym.   I’ll try to post my one minute

FMM-145 Thor’s day is Your Day – Dip in a toe or Dive in

so you’ve been researching fasting youtubes fasting podcasts fasting websites intermittent fasting warrior fasting fast five omad fasting extended fasting snake diet fasting fasting for women fasting over 40 keto fasting fasting fasting fasting whewee !  so much motivation out there   do I dip a toe in or do I dive right in?  

FMM-144 Reminder Run Down today for a fasting focused lifestyle

Just Fast Start today what can be measured can be managed weigh yourself, use fat calipers, post your pictures stay motivated with youtubes and podcasts OMAD OMAD OMAD – one meal a day, that’s 1 hour of eating, 23 hours of not putting food in your pie hole Next week fast two-days on Tuesday the

FMM-143 Two-Day Tuesday – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all.   This is the day that we’ve been training for.  the feast.   I’m sure you made your own rule already, stick to it !   you planned your eats, now eat your plan and a feast today is definitely the plan.   I will move a little this morning, I’ve

FMM-142 Monday Mission Monday Mantra

Merry Christmas Eve   new week, new you. new year around the corner   be strong fasterooneos   we’re with family, we’re going to omad. we don’t snack, we attack   for me, the big feast is tomorrow I’ve planned my eats, I will eat my plan   planning this week is key, I am

FMM-141 Sunday Sunday inspired by Dr Jason Fung’s December 12 blog

Who’s to Blame for Fat-Shaming?   Who’s to Blame for Fat-Shaming? The main reason why obesity is such an emotionally charged issue is simply that it has become entangled with all kinds of aspersions on a person’s willpower and character. It is completely different from almost every other disease because there is always the

FMM-140 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Keto Connect

Advanced Keto Tips | 10 Things We Learned in the Last Year   In the linked video, Matt and Megha from keto connect give us the top ten things they learned this year on their podcast:  keto for normies.   here they are:   #1: Circadian rhythms are important, align yourself with the sun