FMM-269 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Mario Tomic   Here are some notes from the video “Getting lean and ripped”: find the method of restriction that you find LEAST RESTRICTIVE that might be keto, paleo, fasting, whatever it is you want to be in a calorie deficit what works well with your preferences what is the most sustainable? what can I see

FMM-268 Monday Mission inspired by Six Miles To Supper New Week, New streak 4 weeks until memorial day, and I am 4 pounds away from goal What is your fasting plan this week? my plan has a 2-day Tuesday and a 2-day Thursday fast-omad-fast-omad—-then for the weekend: -omad-omad-omad   in the linked video is a fasting success story about Kathleen Morris. it is

FMM-267 Sunday Fun Day inspired by Dr. Mindy Pelz     Here are some notes from Dr. Mindy: its about killing the bad gut bacteria like candida but also providing good gut bacteria eat fermented foods prebiotic foods the number 1 thing to do to heal your gut is fasting an MIT study showed a 24 hour fast repaired intestinal stem cells and

FMM-266 Katurday is Keto Day – Keto Rundown

And today is the Keto Reminder Run Down, some people find that eating low carb or keto make you less hungry and makes it easier to fast a list of things to remember if you’re going to do keto in addition to fasting.       keto is low carb, under 20 carbohydrate grams a

FMM-265 Fired Up Friday inspired by John Somnez remember Weekends are not YOLO, weekends are planned, they are not free-eating periods   John eats OMAD, the linked video is episode 17 of john’s omad series, entitled: 6 Tips To Lose Weight on OMAD & Stop Your Eating Cravings   Here are some notes: if you’re struggling with one meal a day, here

FMM-264 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by ReasonTV   Today’s linked video from reasonTV is by Stossel, the breakfast myth   here are some notes: there’s no proof that skipping breakfast is bad for you strokes and heart attacks are not linked to skipping breakfast we’re all different, do whats comfortable for you skipping breakfast does not make you fast, studies linked

FMM-263 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi in the linked video Firas talks about how to workout smarter, here are some notes: Firas says to not work out so hard that you’ll be sore if you can do a max of 10 pullups, do 5 that way you’re not sore and you can go do 5 more tomorrow at the end

FMM-262 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Dr. Berg   who’s ending a 2 day fast with me today?   today’s linked video is : How to Fight Cancer with Intermittent Fasting   Here are some notes: Cancer is very scary its always better to try to prevent it first Cancer is the #2 cause of death in many companies The contribution of

FMM-261 Monday Mission inspired by Dr. Mindy Pelz   New Week, New streak 5 weeks until memorial day, and I am 5 pounds away from goal What is your fasting plan this week? fast-omad-fast-omad—-then -omad-omad-omad for Friday, Saturday, Sunday   The linked video is entitled: Can fasting help you fight Candida?   Here are some notes from Dr. Mindy: we all have

FMM-260 Sunday Sunday inspired by Fledge Fitness     today’s linked video from Fledge Fitness is entitled: Intermittent fasting keto VS intermittent fasting high carb   I love that Edward V calls us IF warriors. Here are some notes from the video both diets get us to reduce insulin to rock bottom through fasting, its because you’ve depleted your glycogen stores