FMM-330 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole   be warned Cole uses the F word from time to time   the linked Q&A video is from June 17   here are my notes: follow Coles 321 protocol to lose the weight and stay lean Cole thinks fasting will help with ALS and a bunch of other issues cayenne is good with

FMM-329 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Ashley Salvatori   The linked video is titled: The OMAD Strategy – Break The Keto Plateau | One Meal A Day Diet   Here are my notes: OMAD saves you a bunch of money OMAD increases your productivity, makes you feel amazing, and gives you tons of energy Ashley thinks it’s the best way to do

FMM-328 Fired Up Friday – end of Month Planning

This coming Monday don’t go off the rails this weekend of course, but lets think about July some people jump right in with OMAD, but lets think about baby steps. one month at a time as long as you’re losing even ½ pound a week, stick to your plan the goal is what can we

FMM-327 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Keto Kamp     the linked video is titled: 7 Amazing Benefits of Fasting   here are my notes:   #1:  autophagy;  think about a ship crossing the atlantic that comes across a storm.  the captain says to start throwing unnecessary items overboard.  our body does this through autophagy, which is turned on by

FMM-326 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Fledge Fitness   the linked video is titled: Cardio vs weight training for fat loss   Here are my notes from Edward V: both cardio and weight training both have benefits, but which is BETTER? there are 2 studies that Edward sites in his research in the first study, the cardio group lost more fat over

FMM-325 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Cdub   the linked video is titled: What are the seven benefits I had doing OMAD here are my notes:   #7: Cdub has found better mental clarity, better organized, not forgetting things, and just a little bit more clear #6:  He has more time, not having to prepare, eat, and cleanup breakfast or lunch. 

FMM-324 Monday Mission inspired by Ben Greenfield   What is your fasting plan this week? I am doing 48 hour fasts over Monday and Thursday every other day is Omad omad omad     The linked post is by Podcast Notes and is titled: Ben Greenfield’s Top Anti-Aging Tactics: Basic & Ancestral Strategies To Enhance Longevity – Ben Greenfield Fitness  

FMM-323 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Cole   oh SCRAP warning cole uses colorful F-ing language the linked video is cole’s Q&A from June 11 here are my notes: post your accountability pictures on Cole’s facebook when you get the dexa scan, go in fasted fasting will heal your kidneys from constant high blood sugar type 2 diabetes is a joke,

FMM-322 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Ashley Salvatori   the linked video is titled:  How to do Keto WITHOUT Counting Macros | Lazy Keto   here are my notes: you can get results with lazy keto lazy keto is when you’re eating the keto foods, but not tracking you’re avoiding breads and you’re eating steak and eggs and bacon and avocado and

FMM-321 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dy Ann Parham   in the linked video, Dy Ann answers questions about whether fasting will help lose weight here are my notes: the mindset that we adapt is critical to reaching the goals of our plan we need a long term solution our mental and emotional roadblocks will prevent us from meeting our goals intermittent fasting