FMM-316 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Cole   warning cole is a swearbox the linked video is title snake diet 321 weight loss protocol here are my notes: fast for 72 hours minimum on snake juice, when you’re maybe 20 pounds overweight, and the 72s are hard, switch to 48 hour fasts and then 24 hour fasts when you’re lean for

FMM-315 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Keto Kamp   in the linked video the Keto Kamp guy answers a bunch of questions, the video has timestamps, so you can scan the questions to find what you’re looking for.   here are my notes: he starts with a story about Romans accidentally discovering the keto diet Ketones were used with epileptic

FMM-314 Fired Up Friday inspired by Siim Land   The linked video gives the top 10 tips for intermittent fasting, here are my notes: fix your diet before you start fasting, you can’t out-fast a bad diet make IF sustainable. 16/8 is much more sustainable than 3 day fasts more frequent short fasts are better than longer fasts get your electrolytes: sodium,

FMM-313 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr. Jason Fung     In my opinion, Nephrologist Jason Fung is the most important brain to follow in the fasting space. the linked 37 minute podcast is from the JJ Virgin Lifestyle podcast.  here are my notes: Fung has a free 12 week introductory program He’s helped thousands of people Dr Fung starts with

FMM-312 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Dr. LeGrand   The linked video is title can exercise induce autophagy, here are my notes: fasting is the preferred method for inducing autophagy certain foods can help as well exercise can also make autophagy more effective intermittent fasting can trigger it most studies have been on lab mice, but the same techniques seem to work

FMM-311 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Megan Ramos   today’s link is to Megan’ Ramos’ blog post titled:  when to stop your fast, here are my notes: when you feal nausea, you should end your fast, then think about starting again in a couple days when you feel well again Nausea quite often is caused by a lack of water and electrolytes

FMM-310 Monday Mission and Reminder Run Down inspired by Cdub     in the linked video Cdub talks about non-scale victories. He lost 125 pounds using OMAD one non scale victory for CDub was being able to do some rides at a water park with his kids.   Here are some other non scale victories: mirror more furtive glances from people you don’t know

FMM-309 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Cole   the linked video is to Snake Diet guy Cole, he swears some, here are my notes from the first 30 minutes hey fatty just start fasting do 48 hour fasts, eat on a training day, early in the day, fast on the other day beef jerky can help you stay in ketosis if

FMM-308 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Dr. Sarah Hallberg   The linked talk is title low carbohydrate diet for type 2 diabetes reversal, here are my notes: there are other ways to reverse type 2 diabetes the ultimate choice is the patients most people will choose low carb as an option, not everyone will, and that’s okay That being said, Sarah has seen

FMM-307 Fired Up Friday inspired by Siim Land   the linked video is 10 things I wish I knew about intermittent fasting sooner, here are my notes: #1 you want to get fat adapted by eating ketogenically or low carb especially for longer fasts #2 watch your electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, drinking too much plain water can be harmful #3