FMM-440 Fired Up Friday inspired by Mike Cola   The linked video is titled: Top 5 Intermittent Fasting Tips   Here are my notes: tip #1 is to ease into intermittent fasting Mike has a 95% rule anytime he’s going to do something, he needs to be 95% sure he’s going to do it, so keep it real so if an 8

FMM-439 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr. Frank Sabatino   www.SimplyPlantBased.Net www.WeightlossAdvantage.CO   Dr. Frank Sabatino     I am thor and thor is not addicted to food   The linked video is titled: Food Addiction   Here are my notes: Dr Sabatino runs the balance for life retreat program which is a lifestyle education center they focus on juice fasting and

FMM-438 Weight Loss Wednesday inspired by Bobbie Koppe   The linked video is titled: How to Re-Motivate Yourself to Keep Losing Weight   Here are my notes: Bobbie has lost 55 pounds, and kept it off, but she’s lost the motivation to keep losing weight she has a separate video named 11 game changers to lose weight look at yourself with a

Two-Day Tuesday inspired by CDub   The linked video is titled: 10 tips to make OMAD or intermittent fasting easier during the holiday season.   Here are my notes: The November-December timeframe puts a lot of pressure on us socially to eat with family and friends, here are some tips these are not reasons to stop what you’re doing….don’t

FMM-436 Monday Mission inspired by Keto Kamp   The linked video is titled: Hacks for a Healthier Life | 15 Ways to Better Health   Here are my notes: most of these are pretty easy to implement a little harder to keep them going   if you own the morning, you win the day: first thing, write down 10 things that

FMM-435 Science Sunday inspired by Mario Tomic   The linked video is titled: How To Deal With Hunger During Intermittent Fasting (8 Tips Backed by Science & Experience)   Here are my notes: hunger seems to be the biggest obstacle while trying to fast, what can we do about it? think of fasting as something very natural we are not meant

FMM-434 Katurday is Keto Day and the Keto Run Down

And today is the Keto Reminder Run Down, some people find that eating low carb or keto make you less hungry and makes it easier to fast a list of things to remember if you’re going to do keto in addition to fasting.       keto is low carb, under 20 carbohydrate grams a

-433 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr. Nick Zyrowski

The linked video is titled: The Biggest Water Fasting Mistakes and Untold Secrets   Here are my notes:   for acceptable liquids tea is generally fine, but make sure they are not sweet, Dr. Nick says no on the teas he says no for coffee mainly because of caffeine similarly with sugar free energy drinks,

FMM-432 Thor’s day is Your Dayi inspired by Kayla Magerstaedt

I am thor and thor is not addicted to food     The linked video is titled: 6 tips to overcome food addiction   Here are my notes: food addiction is hard, like any other addiction but you’re worth it kayla had weight loss surgery in 2017 and here are six ways of beating

FMM-431 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Dustin Williams   The linked video is titled: How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise And Eat Healthy   Here are my notes: theres an actual formula for behavior change Doctor BJ Fogg came up with this formula: it has 3 parts that have to happen simultaneously B=MAP B is the behanvior change – maybe exercise, maybe