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The Biggest Water Fasting Mistakes and Untold Secrets


Here are my notes:


for acceptable liquids

  • tea is generally fine, but make sure they are not sweet, Dr. Nick says no on the teas
  • he says no for coffee mainly because of caffeine
  • similarly with sugar free energy drinks, not a good thing
  • bone broth is not good either, it will break the fast


Nick says drink plain water with a little sea salt in it


for daily exercise

nick says you don’t need to run, or lift weights, or do high intensity interval training

he says relaxing walk in nature is the best choice



for vitamins

nick says no for b vitamins, fish oil probiotics and multivitamins

while fasting, we want our body to relax and heal


if you’re on a medication, you have to work with your doctor


Preparing for a fast, its important to have physiological readiness

caffeine and sugar could cause headaches


before the fast, taper down caffeine and sugar


he also recommends you get into a state of ketosis prior to the fast

or even just focus on low carb with healthy carbs



you want to be mentally prepared

what is your why?

really figure out what that is

fasting is a mental game


breaking your fast

Dr. Nick suggests that you break your fast the proper way

he does steamed vegetables and bone broth

he can add some probiotic foods like kim chi

then slowly add some light protein



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch: Dr. Nick

for the rest of the story


Repeat after me:

what is my why?

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