FMM-375 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Yalla Papi     The linked video is titled: How To Design Your Own Fitness Program   Here are my notes, after you watch Yalla, and you like it, you can play this once a month as a reminder Yalla says: eat one meal a day eat meat lift weights   benefits of a full body

FMM-368 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Thomas DeLauer   The linked video is titled: 7 Cardio Mistakes That Slow Weight Loss   Here are my notes: mistake is not varying the intensity. this conditions the heart to get really efficient.  benefits come from being challenged.  some days go a little easier, some days go harder.  you don’t want working out to be

FMM-361 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by getpocket   The linked article is titled: to delay death, lift weights two new studies remind us of what we already know but sometimes forget   here are my notes:   the first study is the link between strength, muscle mass, and mortality from Indiana University: 4000 adults ages 50 and up they had used

FMM-347 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by George Doumanian   the linked video is titled: building muscle while fasting for 15 days   here are my notes: there’s so much to learn about the human body people think about the body as a bank account, calories in calories out and you need to eat protein to build muscle but the human body is

FMM-340 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Peter Attia   Title: Fasting, Autophagy, and mTOR Inhibition   The only two interventions that really seem to offer longevity benefits are rapamycin supplementation and some degree of fasting They both suppress mTOR (mechanistic target of rapamycin) and in turn increase autophagy Autophagy is the process by which cells eat themselves – the dysfunctional cells (like

FMM-326 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Fledge Fitness   the linked video is titled: Cardio vs weight training for fat loss   Here are my notes from Edward V: both cardio and weight training both have benefits, but which is BETTER? there are 2 studies that Edward sites in his research in the first study, the cardio group lost more fat over

FMM-312 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Dr. LeGrand   The linked video is title can exercise induce autophagy, here are my notes: fasting is the preferred method for inducing autophagy certain foods can help as well exercise can also make autophagy more effective intermittent fasting can trigger it most studies have been on lab mice, but the same techniques seem to work

FMM-305 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Thomas DeLauer   The linked video is 4 most common muscle building mistakes, here are my notes: #1 mistake is avoiding cardio cardio does not break down muscle cardio makes your mitochondria more efficient Thomas sites an 8 week study that showed that cardio made your muscle 40% stronger #2 mistake is using Branch chain amino

FMM-291 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Dr. Beth Westie   in the linked video Dr. Beth gives some tips on how to get fit faster, especially for women, here are my notes:   she does occasional 5 day challenges, this can help motivate us to fast together any movement is good, don’t get stressed about what exercise is better at burning fat Dr

FMM-284 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by High Intensity Health   in the linked video Mike Mutzel summarizes 4 new studies about working out fasted:   there is some conflicting information   the first study utilized a One hour energy session in a fasted state increases oxidation over the next 24 hours       its important to know that fat oxidation isn’t necessarily