FMM-284 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by High Intensity Health   in the linked video Mike Mutzel summarizes 4 new studies about working out fasted:   there is some conflicting information   the first study utilized a One hour energy session in a fasted state increases oxidation over the next 24 hours       its important to know that fat oxidation isn’t necessarily

FMM-263 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi in the linked video Firas talks about how to workout smarter, here are some notes: Firas says to not work out so hard that you’ll be sore if you can do a max of 10 pullups, do 5 that way you’re not sore and you can go do 5 more tomorrow at the end

FMM-249 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Thomas DeLauer The Complete Guide to Bulking on Keto   We’ve talked about how important lifting is when you’re fasting.   Here are some notes: a 11 week study found that keto diet gained more muscle and lost more fat the keto participants carbed up on the last 2 weeks, and that seemed to make a

FMM-235 Work-Out Wednesday the 4th Lever

So you’ve heard me talk about the 3 levers.   the MATIC controls: that’s MA- Macros, TI- Timing, and C-Calories –   MATIC MATIC MATIC   so many of us focused on calories for freakin years—calories in, calories out,   eat less, move more for some of us it worked, but for many, it didn’t then

FMM-228 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future   Workout Wednesday get in the gym, track your weights, track your reps get in more volume today than last time. do some sprints, pushups, squats, stretch, get stronger, be bigger become a better version of yourself “Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind

FMM-214 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Evan Carmichael and a bunch of motivators

Morning MOTIVATION | How to GET UP Early & WIN the DAY! | #BelieveLife   Mike mike mike mike mike!    Guess what day it is! Its hump day, find some sunshine, get outside, do a little sprint work today!  Get to the gym   Want to be happy?  build a life, not just a

FMM-207 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Cole Robinson   Cole Robinson from the Snake Diet webchannel has started a series filmed in the gym   Here are some of Cole’s points: Get to the gym every day Cole does full body training He does 8-12 reps some days he does 15-20 reps don’t overtrain – you’ll have

FMM-172 Work-Out Wednesday – Pick things up, put things down   step 1 fast to get lean, step 2 lift to build muscle   lifting weights = more muscle more muscle = increased metabolism increased metabolism = weight loss   there are 4 levels of intensity with regard to motivation level 1 – I should — probably because somebody told me to lift, its

FMM-151 Work-Out Wednesday inspire by Yuri Elkaim

Walking for Weight Loss: 2 Clever Ways to Walk Off 25 lbs in 30 Days   in the enclosed link, Yuri explains how to turn something as simple as walking into weight loss   work equals force times displacement or movement   Yuri weighs 70 kg times 1 km that’s 70,000   if you

FMM-137 Work-Out Wednesday inspired by Makaveli Motivation

Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson – DO THE WORK – Motivational Video   add the linked video to your workout playlist, I will attempt to pick out some rousing portions   you have a choice   you don’t just fucking sit there do the work do the fucking work fucking do it dig fucking deep