FMM-101 Two-Day Tuesday Inspired by Sean Symons

Sean Symons:  100 days of fasting My 6 Months Documentary   If you are interested in following a guy who is doing 100 days of different kinds of fasting, start following Sean Symons   He is doing   Here are some of his points: he took out sugar, went keto he is starting with

FMM-097 Fired Up Friday – inspired by clubenglish and 30 days of fasting

youtube playlist of clubenglish doing 30 days of fasting   This youtuber Club English is currently on day 25 of a 30 day fast. each video is 5 to 10 minutes Here are a bunch of the points that she makes:   when you do a long fast like more than 5 days, you

FMM-087 Two-Day Tuesday

Who’s doing  2 day Tuesday? I ate one meal last night for supper and I will eat supper Wednesday thats 48 hours, but saying 2-day Tuesday is more fun   what happens to our bodies when we fast for 48 or 72 hours?   because we haven’t eaten, our insulin levels drop telling the body

FMM-080 –12 fasting tips inspired by personal

12 tips to achieve fasting success     Fasting Motivation 80 – 12 fasting tips inspired by personal Today’s link is the 12 tips to achieve fasting success by Celestine Chua, click the link to find her complete fasting journal for an extended 3 week fast.   Before you fast, do your research

FMM-031 Two-Day Tuesday Thomas DeLauer

Why Long Term Fasting is AMAZING: 1-2 Day Fasts- Thomas DeLauer:   Fasting Motivation 31: Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Thomas DeLauer Here are Thomas DeLauer’s thoughts: Autophagy is when cells recycle themselves optimizing them Autophagy is really important for the brain and they work better Autophagy makes the liver burn fat better Autophagy makes