FMM-118 Fired Up Friday Inspired by Freakonomics and the War on Sugar

There’s a War on Sugar. Is It Justified? (Ep. 285 Rebroadcast) from Freakonomics Radio in Podcasts.   Sugar:  A Bittersweet History     why is sugar not a drug?  its addictive Here are some points:   studies on sugar are not very robust. its difficult to do long term studies on nutrition everyone

FMM-093 Monday Mission and the 2 compartment problem

Jason Fung on the Diet Doctor   Whats you’re Monday mission this week? mine is fasting on Monday and Thursday fast-one meal-one meal-fast- one meal – one meal – one meal I like keeping my weekend omad-omad-omad   Lets re-visit at the 2 compartment problem.   Say you’re Mad Max driving the big gas

FMM-045 Two-Day Tuesday – Butter Bob Briggs

Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem   6:16 Fatter people have higher fasting insulin:   17:03 70% of the reduction in insulin levels occurs in the first 24 hours of fasting   Fasting Motivation 45 Two Day Tuesday and the Fifty percent insulin problem   Today we link to a youtube by Butter

FMM-037 Measurement Monday – Insulin

Fasting Motivation 37 – Measurement Monday – Insulin We already know that rock bottom insulin is the key to weight loss and staying fit.   In 10 years, your smart phone is going to tell you what your insulin level is all the time. The app is going to tell you when you’re storing body

FMM-032 Wacky Wednesday Baseball season

Fasting Motivation 32: Wacky Wednesday and its Baseball Season so lets think in baseball words. when you hear RBI, what do you think?  Rock Bottom Insulin every day – get your insulin low, and keep it low, so you keep burnin body fat   get your hits where you can get them a double ? 

FMM-024 Two-Day Tuesday RBI = Rock Bottom Insulin

  Doctor Doron Sher at the Low Carb Down Under conference     Fasting Motivation 24 Two-Day Tuesday RBI – Rock Bottom Insulin   Included in the show notes is a super technical talk by Doctor Doron Sher at the Low Carb Down Under conference.  The link is to the point in the video