FMM-332 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Jason Fung’s twitter account   Here are some recent tweets and retweets from Dr Fung: Jason’s company, IDM has a group with coach Terri Lance. She meets Friday’s at 5:30 et Dr David Unwin posted a great info graphic on how food affects your blood sugar. I think we already knew that foods that are low on the

FMM-167 Fired Up Friday – what inspired Dr. Jason Fung?   Here are the highlights from Jason Fungs twitter: David Unwin just published a paper on 58 cases of drug free type 2 diabetes remission. he never saw a single person do this in 25 years before the low carb approach started in 2013 Satchin Panda lists the resting energy consumption by different

FMM-166 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr Jason Fung

Sugar rots you Inside out – Dr Jason Fung   the linked video by Jason Fung explains how sugar rots you inside out     when you have too much sugar, it spills into the blood stream, then into your body, your eyes, and your nerves.   after years and years.   of too

FMM-160 Fired Up Friday inspired by Megan Ramos at the Intensive Dietary Management Program the linked post is helping me get back in the fasting focused lifestyle, here are some of the points:   my friends and family are very supportive of my diet and fasting in fast most of them try to watch their carbs and fast here and there but they don’t stick to it during

FMM-026 Dr Mindy Part 2

Dr. Mindy Pelz’ Book Study on Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code   Fasting Motivation 26 Dr. Mindy Part 2   These are more of Dr Mindy’s points: there several false assumptions that we make   we wrongly assume that calories in and calories out are independent of each other, they are not, as you

FMM-025 Dr Mindy Part 1

Dr. Mindy Pelz’ Book Study on Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code   Fasting Motivation 25 – Dr Mindy Part 1 see the notes for a link to Dr. Mindy’s playlist regarding the Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung   These are some of Dr. Mindy’s Points   Jason gives a bunch of reasons why

FMM-003 Doctor Jason Fung

FMM-003 Doctor Jason Fung DietDoctor Youtube:  What is intermittent fasting?   High Intensity Health YouTube:  Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss w/ Jason Fung, MD     This is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician   Fasting Motivation 003 Hello Fasting