FMM-405 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr. Ken Berry

its Friday, no yolo moments this weekend plan your eats, eat your plan   The linked video is titled: 7 More Things You Should Know about intermittent fasting   Here are my notes: all the major religions had fasting as a major part of their religion, partly to be as healthy and vigorous as possible

FMM-402 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by the Life fasting app   using an app is absolutely not necessary. you could use a timer if you want to be reminded to eat, just use an alarm the whole idea of fasting is to simplify our lives, so you don’t need to add more tracking that being said, community is awesome, which many of these apps

FMM-401 Monday Mission inspired by Conscious Calisthenics

It’s Monday?  what’s your plan? I will do a 3 day Thursday fast   The linked video is titled: STOP F*CKING EATING TO LOSE WEIGHT! this is a very motivating video, but there is some colorful language   Here are my notes: we have an obesity crises these folks are eating themselves to death they

FMM-398 Fired Up Friday inspired by Cdub     Happy Friday everyone What’s your plan for the weekend? no yolo moments. no binge and fast cycles I am in control this is my favorite time of year, I’m gonna get outside.     The linked video is titled: what did OMAD fix in me?   Here are my notes: the first

FMM-395 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Dr. Mindy   link to the fasting study:   The linked video is titled: Is FASTING Safe? Results of a new study   Mindy has a fasting group that she works with and has mucho youtubos   Here are my notes: this study was released January 2, 2019 there were 1422 subjects fasting period was

FMM-391 Fired Up Friday inspired by Siim Land I’m fired up for labor day weekend. I’ve got a plan for every day this weekend. I will plan my eats and eat my plan   The linked video is titled: 7 Biggest OMAD Mistakes – Avoid These One Meal a Day Mistakes   Here are my notes: eating too close to bedtime, early

FMM-388 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Keto Kamp   The linked video is titled: 13 Ways to Boost Autophagy Without Fasting   Here are my notes: the definition of autophagy, is self eating it’s the process of cleaning up damaged cells in the body   Here is the list: coffee – with healthy organic coffee beans green tea – and may help

FMM-384 Fired Up Friday inspired by Impact Theory   The linked site is the 25 steps to living a life of impact   Here are they are: human potential is nearly limitless personal growth is the highest priority of impactivists you can acquire new skills in any area at any time it requires focus and disciplined practice to acquire

FMM-383 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by the minister of wellness   The linked video is part 6 of the 12 components of food addiction, this one is called: Pain Avoidance   Nathanial is a vegan and some of what he says conflicts with a lot of the stuff on fasting motivation. figure it out for yourself.   Here are my notes from this video:

FMM-381 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by cdub The linked video is titled: 20 benefits of OMAD besides weight loss   cdub lost 125 pounds by practicing omad Here are my notes from his video: its so simple. eat one meal a day, no snacks cdub says sleep will improve energy levels will rise, because you lose weight and you exercise and