FMM-292 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Thomas DeLauer   the linked video is 5 ways to turn belly fat into body heat – which is brown fat activation, here are my notes: you can do one, some, or all of these tricks brown adipose tissue takes in energy and immediately creates heat uncoupling protein 1 in brown fat is like a

FMM-290 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Dr. Ken Berry   You should have a doctor you consider a learned health partner Someone you trust Someone who knows what keto and fasting are   You don’t need a doctor daddy or a medical boss, but you need a health partner   Its not your fault that you got this way, but it is your

FMM-286 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr. Mindy and Drew Manning   Drew manning did fit to fat to fit a few years ago   Drew wanted to get into the mindset of his patients   Drew wanted to figure out what his clients were doing because he had never been overweight   He gained 75 pounds in six months and then lost it in

FMM-283 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Joe Rogan   Here are some notes from the linked video narrated by Travis: Joe has an 8 hour feeding window he doesn’t crave breakfast tip #1: exercise, be active, be under stress, you’ll have more energy for life joe doesn’t eat carbs, no sugar, no bread he eats a lot of vegetables a lot of

FMM-279 Fired Up Friday inspired by Fast Club Motivation on facebook   Sometimes motivation comes from your tribe Here are a few success stories from people on the linked facebook group:   Paul moved from obese on the BMI chart to just overweight….that’s 100 pounds down Dionta is down 80 in 20 days there are a bunch of non-scale victories like smaller shirt sizes, pant

FMM-278 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Jason Fung     Dr. Fong starts with a history of different diets many of which were low carb diet including the Banting diet   there’s no correlation between eating higher fat and higher risk of death there’s no evidence that eating more fat is dangerous   The women’s health initiative study had 50,000 women showed

FMM-277 Happy Wednesday inspired by Joe at What I’ve Learned   the linked  video is: Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day interestingly, it has over 8 million views   here are some notes: how did eating get so complicated? you’d think by now there would be consensus on what our eating habits should look like there are over 50,000 books

FMM-276 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Clovis Culture   here are some notes from the linked video:  fasting vs calorie restriction we have 2 gas tanks the first gas tank is sugar the second gas tank is fat you have to burn through the sugar gas tank to get to the fat gas tank when the sugar is gone, and you burn

FMM-274 Sunday Fun Day inspired by Fledge Fitness   The linked video is titled: 3 quick tricks when doing 16/8 intermittent fasting   today’s linked video, Edward V tells us   intermittent fasting can be hard, if you’ve found that you can lose weight or maintain with an 8 hour eating window, that will be easier to stick to in the long

FMM-272 Fired Up Friday inspired by CarnOMAD

Today’s linked video is: 5 First Steps on the Path to Nutrition   Here are my notes from Mike: step 1: stop drinking sugar Mike recommends reading Gary Taub’s book: the case against sugar step 2: stop using seed oils, they’re too processed, they’re too much omega 6 no one craves seed oils, so this