FMM-465 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Rachel Sharp are you doing a 2 day fast with me today? even if its 36 hours, having a full day without food can be a huge health boost   The linked video is titled: MY EXPERIENCE WITH INTERMITTENT, ALTERNATE DAY FASTING     Here are my notes: Rachel believes that although some protocols allow you

FMM-463 Sunday Sunday inspired by Paul Revelia     The linked video is titled: One Meal A Day Diet Success   Here are my notes: the guy asking Paul for help says that OMAD is the only diet he can stick to for more than a week he also does a lower carb diet Paul is not a big fan of

FMM-461 Fired Up Friday inspired by CDUB   The linked video is titled: 20 benefits of intermittent fasting!     Here are my notes: you save money you will have more free time, less prep time, less time eating, less time cleaning you give your body a break from digestion so it can heal break food addictions #5 get hunger under

FMM-458 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Dr John Berardi   are you doing a 2day fast with me on this chilly Tuesday?   The linked podcast is titled: Dr. John Berardi: How to Optimize Your Metabolism – The Art of Manliness     Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is the total amount of energy you burn in a day; it’s the sum total

FMM-454 Fired Up Friday inspired by Dr Sten Ekberg

oh happy Friday, remember weekends are not free eating periods, dial it in   The linked video is titled: 10 Intermittent Fasting Tips For Easy Success And Why Fasting Works   Here are my notes: Sten starts with all the benefits of IF like weight loss, reduced inflammation, autophagy, and more he goes over concerns:

FMM-451 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Siim Land   I am breaking a 2-day fast today.  are you doing  2-day tuesday? The linked video is titled: Signs of Autophagy – How to Know If You’re In Autophagy   Here are my notes: autophagy gets activated during energy deprivation such as fasting or exercise it can be monitored in animals with muscle biopsies,

FMM-450 Monday Mission inspired by Thomas DeLauer Happy Monday, what is your fasting plan this week? I am doing a 2-day Tuesday and a 2-day Thursday. every other day is omad omad omad     The linked video is titled: What is the Best Fasting Length For You (Individually)   Here are my notes: what are the benefits and drawbacks of

FMM-447 Fired Up Friday inspired by Gravity Transformation   The linked video is titled: 7 Ways To Do Intermittent Fasting   this video is a good roundup of different intermittent fasting   Here are my notes: the eat stop eat plan says to fast on 2 full days each week, better than eating small portions and it is good for people who

FMM-446 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by RegEdited   I am Thor and Thor is not addicted to food.     The linked video is titled: Tales of A Junk Food Junkie & How To Brake the Addiction   Here are my notes: Reggie loved fast food drive throughs when you eat junk food on a regular basis, bad things happen What

FMM-445 Wednesday Wednesday inspired by Fledge Fitness

  The linked video is titled: Top 5 ways to succeed with Alternate Day Fasting (ADF)     ADF means you fast  Monday, Wednesday, Friday so you fast somewhere between 36 and 48 hours then eat on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday…     Here are my notes: Ease your way into it (1:48) especially if