FMM-335 Fired Up Friday inspired by Mind Pump on podcastnotes   Here are the key take aways according to podcastnotes The single most black and white thing you can do to reduce your risk of cancer is to incorporate regular prolonged fasts If you’re healthy, regular fasts are one of one of the best things you can do for your body Before you think

FMM-316 Snake Diet Sunday inspired by Cole   warning cole is a swearbox the linked video is title snake diet 321 weight loss protocol here are my notes: fast for 72 hours minimum on snake juice, when you’re maybe 20 pounds overweight, and the 72s are hard, switch to 48 hour fasts and then 24 hour fasts when you’re lean for

FMM-315 Katurday is Keto Day inspired by Keto Kamp   in the linked video the Keto Kamp guy answers a bunch of questions, the video has timestamps, so you can scan the questions to find what you’re looking for.   here are my notes: he starts with a story about Romans accidentally discovering the keto diet Ketones were used with epileptic

FMM-201 Thor’s day is Your Day inspired by Dr. Zyrowski

Alternate Day Fasting | This Is Powerful!   in the linked video Dr. Zyrowski talks about alternate day fasting where you fast every other day.   Sunday you feed Monday you fast Tuesday you feed Wednesday you fast and on and on and on and on   Zyrowski sites a study from the University

FMM-111 Fired Up Friday – Inspired by Jimmy Moore’s Rants   Everyone in the low carb community knows who Jimmy Moore is.   He has done several podcasts over the years.  He does a daily Instagram show where he answers questions, if you’re interested, ask him, or any of a dozen other people who answer questions live.     I think Jimmy

FMM-016 Measurement Monday

Fasting Motivation 16 – Measurements Monday   things that can be measured fat calipers tape measure – around the waist, chest, butt, arms, legs, neck weight calories out using a fitbit or apple watch calorie in using myfitnesspal, … and maybe weight watcher points ketones urine blood or breath blood sugars heart rate at rest

FMM-007 SnakeDiet Saturday Coach Shameen Miller Cole’s new Snake Diet Recipe: Fasting Motivation 7 For SnakeDiet Saturday we link to Snake Diet coach Shameen Miller. In the linked video Shameen gives us a lot of motivation, here are her thoughts… Put up your accountability post on the facebook group Track your progress. Other people’s thoughts and feelings and