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Fasting Motivation 17 – Two Day Tuesday and Distractions

get your two-day fast rollin’


today we summarize Chris James at A Healthy Alternative who talks about distractions while we are fasting.


First, People keep offering you food

remember what you’re fasting for


these distractions

help build up willpower and discipline


think of it as

“if I can turn this piece of pizza down, while I’m on a fast, that’s going to build up my discipline”



people will say that you’re harming yourself

you know better

having more knowledge will help you reaffirm why you’re doing this


fasting cannot hurt you

take some advice from other people who have been fasting a lot

keep an open mind

encourage eachother



sometimes there are social events that make you want to stop fasting.

if you have event, plan it out

find activities that don’t include food, like stuff outside

be creative about it

don’t make it about food


you can have a lot of willpower especially for things you know are right


Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician


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