Doctor Doron Sher at the Low Carb Down Under conference



Fasting Motivation 24 Two-Day Tuesday RBI – Rock Bottom Insulin


Included in the show notes is a super technical talk by Doctor Doron Sher at the Low Carb Down Under conference.  The link is to the point in the video where he says you need Insulin to be extremely low, rock bottom, to tell your body to burn fat – either the fat in your body or the fat that you just ate.



How much time after you eat, does it drop to Rock Bottom Insulin?  It takes several hours, at least 16, based on the types of foods


How long can you keep it at Rock Bottom?


This shows that a ketogenic diet alone is not the best way to burn the fat on your body, since eating carbs or protein will raise your insulin.

You might argue that a “fat fast”, where you only have fat—say butter or coconut oil in your coffee should be okay, since fat doesn’t bump insulin much.


but on the other hand, just fast, that way you know the fat hormone is at RBI level – Rock Bottom Insulin


doing your double day fast, your triples, or even longer homerun fasts just burn body fat while your insulin levels are at rock bottom


RBI baby


Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician

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