Dr. Mindy Pelz’ Book Study on Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code



Fasting Motivation 26 Dr. Mindy Part 2


These are more of Dr Mindy’s points:

there several false assumptions that we make


  1. we wrongly assume that calories in and calories out are independent of each other, they are not, as you lower your calories in, your body will alter how many calories it burns
  2. we wrongly assume the metabolism is stable, it is not, it changes over time
  3. we wrongly assume we have conscious control over our hunger and what we eat, we do not, it is very hormonal and related to how often you eat
  4. we wrongly assume that all calories are equal, they are not, carbohydrates increase insulin a lot, protein does a little, and fat barely affects insulin


what do you do when you’re stuck

  • one strategy is to go longer without food, do a longer fast
  • do a 3-4 day fast
  • then omad for a week


what you should eat and when you should eat


when you are focused on insulin, you reduce the number of peaks and you increase the amount of time between insulin peaks




Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician


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