Fasting Motivation 033 Three-Day Thursday

Who is doing a three day fast today?  Are you?


Are you in or are you out?

I can fast three days, I’ve done it before.

Do or do not, there is no try

set a personal mission

write it down in your journal

what are your core values?

savor the successes you’ve achieved

set a routine, stick to it, then change it up, tweat it, keep it interesting

find inspiration

keep busy

don’t go it alone, you have friends, be a snake buddy to someone just starting the snake diet


make your goals clear


you know what you need to do, but instead of doing it, you take a vacation on “Someday Isle” and you don’t do it today.

you have self discipline to resist the lure of the excuses

do it today, do it tomorrow, and pretty soon it will be a habit



if you don’t do it now, in this moment, you are going to spend the rest of your life knowing that you could be better and you’re not living up to your potential.  you’re living a life of excuses

if you say “I’ll start tomorrow” you’ve already failed.  Start right now.  Do it now.  Just fucking do it



Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician

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