Fasting Motivation 37 – Measurement Monday – Insulin

We already know that rock bottom insulin is the key to weight loss and staying fit.


In 10 years, your smart phone is going to tell you what your insulin level is all the time.

The app is going to tell you when you’re storing body fat and when you’re burning it.

in 10 years, six pack abs will be as easy to understand as the weather app or calling for an uber.

But what’s going to happen?

After 2 weeks you won’t even need that app anymore because insulin levels are not a secret:

  • Just fucking fast
  • Fast for as long as you can
  • when your insulin is low, you’re burning FAT
  • when you eat carbs, your insulin jumps, and it stays up for hours
  • less so for protein
  • when you hit an RBI, when you reach rock bottom insulin, keep it there for as long as you can
  • 2 day Tuesday
  • 3 day Thursday


Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician


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