Fasting Motivation 43 – Snake Diet Sunday – Shameen talks about how to be successful at fasting


Cole has not posted much on YouTube lately, so we will revisit Shameen Miller


There are many things to consider when fasting

  • at the six month mark, it has become easier
  • what is your purpose, why are you doing this?
  • Shameen’s purpose is to be the happiest version of herself
  • Remember that we’ve been tricked by the food industry
  • Nutrition can be complicated, but the great thing about fasting is fasting is natural, its easy, and free
  • sometimes short term goals are fine, like get in shape for a beach trip, or to get your abs to show
  • educating yourself is super important, the more you’re apt to stick to the fasting focused lifestyle
  • be patient, be kind to yourself, and stick to the plan
  • this is a lifestyle change, you’re not going to be in the kitchen as much, you’re not going to be making social plans to eat with people all the time
  • be an example for others


Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician


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