From Kayla at Six Miles To Supper:

7 Day Average Weight:  How its Helped me to succeed with weight lss


How to fill it out:


Download the excel document here:


Fasting Motivation 44 – Measurement Monday and the 7 day average weight tracker

inspired by Kayla at Six Miles To Supper, links in the show notes


There are advantages and disadvantages of weighing yourself every day.

Weighing yourself every week might get you on a high time


The 7 day weight average helps to show an overall trend

Helps you look at the long view

Makes a smaller slope up or down

keeps you from celebrating too quickly

and helps you not to despair too quickly


gives you the freedom to know there might be that one day where you weigh in a little heavy


once you can see the seven day average is dropping, you can really see your tend


the number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story, but if something can be measured, it can be managed.


you can still use fat calipers and the way you feel and look in mirror, but don’t be afraid of the scale, but a 7 day weight average is gives you more information.


just fast

measure it, manage it

No food til supper



Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician

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