Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem


6:16 Fatter people have higher fasting insulin:


17:03 70% of the reduction in insulin levels occurs in the first 24 hours of fasting


Fasting Motivation 45 Two Day Tuesday and the Fifty percent insulin problem


Today we link to a youtube by Butter Bob Briggs.


50% of the insulin you make has nothing to do with the food you eat.



Everyone has a bottom floor of insulin in your blood that even when you haven’t eaten in 5 hours, also known as your fasting insulin.


Fasting insulin tends to be much higher in fat people than in thin people.


about 50% of the insulin you produce each day is produced constantly whether you eat or not.


For fat people, changing when you eat is more effective than what you eat.




This is why a ketogenic diet is not the whole answer



The referenced study shows that obese people have a 5-7 fold increase from fasting levels


when you eat low carb you keep your fasting insulin lower

a short fast lowers insulin better than low carb eating

fasting is the real deal to get your insulin low

fast is 50% more effective than low carb


fasting every other day for three weeks increases insulin sensitivity SEVENFOLD

and decreases fasting insulin 57%

and increases fat burning by 58%


OMAD eating reduces your insulin by 70%


after 11 hours of not eating, burning fat off your belly is greatly increased

from 13-23 hours of not eating, ketones greatly increase, as long as you fast, they keep on rising

insulin drops after 3 hour, but then another drop after 10 hours of not eating


Bob recommends alternate day eating, use the most effective strategy to get your insulin.

hmmm, if one meal a day every other day is too difficult, I would think that 2 meals every other day might be another strategy



Kill the carbs, eat once a day and get that insulin under control.


Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician

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