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#1 Confusion of Every Person Struggling With Weight




Fasting Motivation 47:  Three Day Thursday Insulin inspired by Dr Berg

The #1 Confusion of Every Person Struggling With Weight is insulin, what causes it to rise, and what does it do.



all you have to focus on if you want to lose weight is to lower insulin

lower it to a normal level


almost every overweight person has high levels of insulin

that is the most important thing to monitor and to normalize it


if you start a three day Thursday fast today, you last finished your one hour feasting window at 8pm last night and now its 8am, so you’ve already fasted 12 hours.  Congratulations.

By noon today, you will have RBI – rock bottom insulin

but you’re still burning the calories you ate last night that has been stored in your liver and muscles as glucagon.

By tomorrow morning, that will be pretty much gone, especially if you do some HIIT cardio or lifted today.

So tomorrow you have rock bottom insulin and no glucagon, so your body finally decides to start burning your  body fat.


You’ve invested 36 hours of fasting and you’re finally burning body fat,  oooo-eeeee, that feels good.


Now this is why three day Thursday is awesome.

From Friday morning on, you’re

  • burning body fat
  • incinerating the chubby hubby
  • setting fire to that junk in the trunk
  • flushing the fupa
  • saying adieu to the man boob


so out of a 72 hour fast, you’re burning your tubby McFatFuck for 36 hours.  That is a sweet gangsta deal

drink the snake juice

if you’re light headed, and you need to eat, refeed, and start the 3-day fast again.

after you’ve done 3 or 4 three day Thursdays, try making day 3 a dry fast


as always….

Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician



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