DeLauer: 16/8 Fasting Results: Study Investigates Short Term Fasting


Fledge Fitness: Response


Fasting Motivation 52 Comparing OMAD with intermittent fasting

The show notes first link is to DeLauer’s interpretation of 3 fasting studies.  He says there is not an advantage of OMAD over intermittent fasting with an 8 hour eating window, which is easier to do.


The second linked video shows Fledge Fitness’s response, where he believes that the numbers really do show OMAD folks lose a lot of fat.


You can evaluate for yourself.


But here at Fasting Motivation, we believe that keeping insulin at rock bottom for as long as possible is how we burn fat.


we do this by fasting 23 hours every day

and two day Tuesdays or three day Thursdays


seeing studies from other people is great, but run your own N=1 study.  What works for you?


Stay motivated.

Every day is a good day

You’ve found the secret—its fasting.  fast as long as you can.

hit your RBI – and stay there.



Today is 2-day Tuesday, start a 48 hour fast right now.


Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. I am not an expert. Consult a physician

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