Fasting Motivation 57 SnakeDiet Sunday Snake Diet explained by Shameen Miller

What is the snake diet?


fasting is very important

the fatter you are the longer you need to fast

you shouldn’t be eating more than one meal a day

each time you eat it causes an insulin response in your body

insulin tells your body to store sugar as glycogen in your liver and your muscle and when your glycogen stores are full, insulin tells your body to store fat

when you are not eating you are burning glycogen from your liver and from your muscle

when you’re out of glycogen, you go into ketosis and it tells your body to burn body fat


every other diet out there tells you what to eat

snake diet says when to eat


buy the keto pee strips to help you tell when


start with a 48 hour snake juice fast – snake juice is electrolytes.  you eat nothing, just drink snake juice

then when you eat, eat low carb

then do a 72 hour fast

then do a refeed

then fast as long as you can

the bigger you are, the longer you can fast, just use your fat for energy


take pictures

weigh yourself

track it

post your accountability photo on Coles facebook group

get a snake buddy

get a snake diet coach


once you become lean

eat one meal a day


watch Shameen’s full video


Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. talk to your doctor


Snake Diets fantastic

Get motivated. Get Fasted.

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