Keto Recipe: Sugar-Free Jell-O



Fasting Motivation 63 Keto Katurday is for Keto and Keto Keeps insulin rock bottom

we’re convinced that insulin levels need to be rock bottom to tell your body:

  • don’t store new fat
  • but take fat from my belly and use that chunky flabby fleshy fat for fuel


so we’re fasting, and when we eat our one meal each day, we eat Ketogenically, no carbs, low protein, and we get most of our calories from fat


while we’re eating delicious mcdonalds double quarter pounders without the buns hun

our insulin climbs just a tiny tiny bit


when we munch on bacon bacon bacon

sure, our insulin bumps a smidge for about 3 hours, but then back to rock bottom


This tells our body 2 to rev up fat storage very slightly

and 3 hours later we are back to fasting


but here’s the kicker…since we do not eat carbohydrates, the sugar store, also known as glucagon, in our muscles and liver is majorly depleted.  what does that mean?  as soon as that quarter pounder is burned, we start burning our own body fat again.


that’s why keto plus omad is a great combination….we don’t have to wait another 16 hours for the glucagon to get gone before starting to burn off the chubby hubby blubby


for dessert, when we have

sugar free jello with home made whipped cream

insulin stays super low


and we can start burning the fat bottom right off this body



pushup challenge-35 today


Fasting Motivation is not medical advice. Consult a physician


Keto’s healthy.  Keto’s fantastic !!

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted

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