Fasting Motivation 71 SnakeDiet Sunday inspired by Cole and Siim Land


How great is this, two of our inspirations are together in the 90 minute video discussing the Snake Diet.

There are timestamp bookmarks in the description


Here are some of the highlights from Cole and Siim:


People are pretty tough, they will do some crazy shit if they know that its going to work

your fat is pure fuel

when you’re fat, you fast as long as you can on the salt water

until you feel like death

it keeps you motivated, because you lose weight so quickly


a lot of people are just scared, they have fear of judgement


a lot of peoples fasting blood sugars are way too high,

they get diagnosed as diabetic

and they get on medications that they can fix through fasting


no one talks truth

even good doctors aren’t allowed to tell people to stop fucking eating

and go on a strict zero carb refeeding routine

because the doctor would lose his job



That’s why cole are getting results, he comes out and saying whatever he wants

one girl lost 200 pounds in one year, she didn’t pay a dime


Cole developed snake juice that has potassium and sodium and some other optional minerals


the best protocol for losing weight

fasting routine first, at least 72 hours between refeeds

pure carnivore refeeds





Here are the topics:

What Is the Snake Diet 01:40

How Cole Started the Snake Diet 11:52

Zero Carb Refeeds and Hormesis 18:04

How to Lose Fat on Snake Diet 30:37

Carb Cycling and Working Out 42:48

Importance of Gut Health 01:00:57

Why Fasting Is Great for Fat Loss and Diabetes 01:09:30

What’s the Snake Juice 45:20



watch Cole and Siim’s video


Pushup Challenge:  45 pushups

This ain’t medical advice. Consult your doctor


You’re awesome! You’re fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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