Evan Carmichael:  “Without DISCIPLINE, You’ll Have NO FREEDOM!” | #OneRule



Fasting Motivation 73 Two-Day Tuesday inspired by Evan Carmichael

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Without discipline, you’ll have no freedom.

if you want more freedom in your life, you have to have more discipline


if you don’t have any discipline you’ll end up

with absolutely no freedom you’ll end up

being a slave to other people




something as simple as food

and eating it’s not about your body as

much as it is about your mind it’s

getting command of your mind to be able

to choose actions that are in your own

best interest every day


if you can’t win

the war against your own mind you’ve got

to learn to discipline yourself



discipline means more freedom


for many people

self discipline has a really

negative connotation


I see self

discipline as a really positive thing I

think it’s really helpful I think it’s

amazing and beautiful and golden


Discipline is critical for work for learning things for focus and for success in every area of life

our attention span has dropped

to five seconds the sad news is the

average goldfish has 6 seconds we’re now

competing with goldfish and the goldfish

are winning


discipline equals freedom

if you start doing the things you don’t want to do

and do them first

you are going to remove the pain that comes with not taking care of yourself

the pain that comes with regret

the pain that comes from looking in the mirror and not liking what you see


get discipline

commit to a time

and just KNOW this is what I’m doing


plan your eats, then commit to your plan

truly committing to your plan.

get a disciplined habit around the things that I want to do

when my head hit the pillow I felt proud

I no longer feel like my life is racing by me.

I am in control

I am free to be me



This ain’t medical advice. Consult your doctor


a smooth 48 hours is fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.


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