This youtuber…Carnivore Life….his videos:


His day 8 video:


His Snake Diet video:



Fasting Motivation 79 Monday Mission inspired by youtuber carnivore life

I’m on track for a three day Thursday….:  eat eat fast fast eat eat eat

that’s a 72 hour fast from Tuesday supper until Friday supper then omad Saturday Sunday and a new mission next week


Today’s youtuber, this guy Carivore Life has just done an 8 day water fast and gives daily updates on an 8 day fast.



he really just started with a 48 hour fast, if you look at his first


instead of trying a fasting mimicking diet, he said, why don’t I just try fasting.


he adds snake juice



Benefits so far:

13lbs weight lost

Extreme Cognitive enhancement

Improved sleep overall

More clear outlook on life

I have a better appreciation and respect for eating now

I could never eat more than one meal a day after this



He just feels better overall.



The longest fast I’ve done is 5 days.  This guy is inspiring.

I’m reminded of what Dr. Thomas Seyfried has said….

if you can do a seven day water fast every year, you will greatly reduce your risk of cancer




Not medical advice. That’s what doctors are for


My Mission’s clear, its fantastic

I’m focused, motivated and Fasted.


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