I’m in the middle of a three day Thursday fast—its been 36 hours since eating, and I will break this 72 hour fast on Friday at supper


Today is Thor’s Day.  Thor’s Day is Your Day


knowing that even today

as a caterpillar with nothing to indicate you’ll become a


you can become the butterfly

through sheer force of will because if

you can become that you become a beacon

of hope not for other people

for yourself because you prove that there

really are no limits




you have the thing that is going to make you say never again

no more

I refuse to accept this about myself

I refuse to accept that I’m average

I refuse to accept that I can’t be something more


I refuse to stop when something kicks me in the teeth

I refuse to stop when people hate on me

or tell  me that I can’t do something

I refuse to be dictated to by anyone even my own potential

I refuse to be held back by anything least of all me

and when you get that in your head

when you know that

you can transcend even yourself

that negative voice in your head

that even getting kicked even failing getting knocked down

and being covered in blood mud and dirt

everything that would try to stop you

that you’ll rise up and that you’ll keep pushing

and that you’ll define what you’re going to become

when you have that in your mind

then you become unstoppable

then you are the caterpillar

that becomes the butterfly


watch Tom Bilyeu, he WILL motivate you



Not medical advice. That’s what doctors are for


you’re a butterfly, you’re fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.


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