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According to Dr Nick and Dr. Boz, the ketogenic diet or a low carb diets helps with fasting.


you won’t have blood sugar swings

low carb diets are more satiating

you’ll have less cravings

balanced nutrients especially if you have lots of vegetables


both doctors suggest starting with the keto diet first, then your body will be adapted and will know how to burn ketones and fat for enegy, then when you fast your body is ready to go


Dr. Boz fasts every week, starting on Sunday, sometimes for 12 hours sometimes for 3 days.

She also says:

get a tribe

fasting pushes your ketosis up a notch


she tracks her blood sugar divided by ketones

so if blood sugar is 70 and ketones is 3

which makes the ratio 23.

this monitors the “intensity of the fast”


be accountable

it might be easier to


every time we fast, we think of emptying the sugar out of your liver


crutches to use

if you’re starting out

think that you have to teach your mitochondria to burn ketones and fat as well as sugar

for many people, you haven’t burned anything but sugar for years


you probably shouldn’t try fasting until you know your body can burn ketones


Dr Boz really recommends measuring your ketones and your blood sugar on a regular basis


Not medical advice. That’s what doctors are for


Keto is helpful! It’s Keto-tastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.


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