Happy Monday everyone

I have mapped out my week with 2 48 hour fasts and 5 omad days.




Dr Jason Fung has a bunch of youtube talks and interviews out there.

He is a Nephrologist, a kidney doctor, working with weight management and diabetes.


He runs the Intensive Dietary Management.


Dr Fung hasn’t posted a lot lately, but his twitter account is pretty active.


He retweets a ton of great articles, videos, and other materials, as well as commenting.


He recently published a case study on 3 men who no longer take insulin for diabetes after intermittent fasting.



Here are some highlights and retweets from his twitter feed:



  • He retweets about low carb conferences such as Houston, Denver, Breckenridge, and Australia
  • PCOS and fasting
  • a new England journal of medicine article called Therapeutic fasting could be an alternative to insulin for some diabetes patients
  • Multiple retweets from his coworker Megan Ramos
  • Dr Ludwigs infographic that shows the economic costs of diabetes is around $2000 for every person
  • The American and European diabetes associations approve the use of a low carb diet in management of type 2 diabetes
  • The town that gave up sugar for a month



He also posted Roberts success story on

Robert has staring death in the face, then heard about the no sugar no grain plain on the adam corolla show.

he lost 100 pounds in a year.

then he was inspired by Dr Fung and started fasting,


Robert is a testament that

  • this works, don’t give up
  • everyone is dfferent, not all fasting protocols work the same for everyone
  • support is crucial




Not medical advice. That’s what doctors like Jason Fung are for



Science is awesome! Its fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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