I recently switched from a split workout to a full body for no other reason than I think I enjoy it more.


I do pull-legs-push-abs six time through


I do 2-3 different things every time


and its just more fun


of course there are things I could do to build more muscle, but its not bad.  I like it.



in the enclosed video, steve says that for most people, something in the middle is probably best



Here are 4 benefits of full body workouts:

  • Greater frequency per muscle group
  • greater energy expenditure per workout
  • greater depletion leading to greater body compensation
  • greater anabolic hormone stimulation


and 3 benefits of a split body workout:

  • less fatigue allows you to do heavier loads
  • greater attention per muscle group
  • less likely to overtrain



just get in there get some strength in






Not medical advice. That’s what doctors are for


You’re awesome! You’re fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.


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