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Trudi Deakin on Ketovangelist:


This podcast episode is fantastic, even for non-keto people.


She talked about the whole “energy balance” thing. This is often times known as Calories in/Calories out. She shares from a scientific perspective how it isn’t all about the balance when it comes to achieving optimal health. Listen up an take notes. You’ll probably need them the next time you get someone trying to convince you that calories in/calories out is the only way to go!


Trudi sites study after study including the biggest loser.


She backs up what we know.


Diabetes is an insulin problem, not a calories in calories out problem


Trudi talks about plateaus


its really hard to measure basal metabolic rate.  you have to put them into a metabolic chamber that measures heat expenditure


the length of the overnight fast is helpful.

individuals who fasted for 12 or more lost more fat



continuous energy restriction is not as good as intermittent energy restriction

at 6 months, was 9 kilos vs 14 kilos for those who did intermittent energy restriction


and damage to metabolic rate was much less for the intermitted fasters




eat less and move more people end up eating little and often



trudi sites many studies including 2 meals vs 6 meals

the meals did so much better for weight control and blood glucose control



in the book diabetes unpacked says if you’re eating more than 2x a day, you’re feeding your reward center in your brain not


breakfast is NOT the most important of the day


other hints:

reduce stress

sleep better

meditation may help


obesity really is a hormonal condition


our brain can do 80% of its function on ketones, which is a cleaner energy



not all calories are equal

a low fat diet has not been shown to be effective

physical activity drives appetite

plateau is mainly due to a reduction in basal metabolic rate

which can cause a metabolic adaptation that can cause long term reduction


we need to drive down insulin levels


This ain’t medical advice. Consult your doctor


You’re awesome! You’re fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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