youtube playlist of clubenglish doing 30 days of fasting


This youtuber Club English is currently on day 25 of a 30 day fast.

each video is 5 to 10 minutes

Here are a bunch of the points that she makes:


when you do a long fast like more than 5 days, you should probably get some supervision and measure your blood sugar, ketones and of course your weight.

there will be days when you don’t lose much, and that’s okay


here are 7 tips:

  1. take a walk every day, maybe instead of eating lunch
  2. use mealtimes to do something productive, maybe a new hobby
  3. if you get tempted to eat, find something to do to get your mind off of it, the temptation will pass
  4. get the support of your family (not all your friends)
  5. engage in meditation or prayer
  6. keep a daily journal
  7. use the time to do something helpful for someone else, fasting is the act of self denial, so use the time to be of service to someone else



when you break the fast, have a solid plan on




This ain’t medical advice. Consult your doctor


Extended fasts are fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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