Mariah Vitoria: 40 Questions About 40 Days of Fasting


to reiterate yesterday’s podcast on fasting motivation, the fasting community has some disagreement on whether fasts longer than 3 days may be harmful.  On fasting motivation, we practice OMAD, two-day Tuesdays some weeks, and three-day Thursdays some weeks.  anything more than that should be researched and evaluated.


here are some of the questions that Mariah answered about her 40 day fasting experience:


what did you eat? nothing

how did you deal with hunger?

Mariah was fat adapted ahead of time with the keto diet


she followed the snake diet and drank the snake juice

water, no salt potassium, pink salt, baking soda, food grade Epsom salt

if you stop drinking the salt, you feel like poop


she was tired of being a fatass and couldn’t run any more

Mariah visualized, you’re gonna look and feel


breaks her fast with bone broth, vegetables, eggs, avacodos, slowly introduce meat


a little exercise, nothing serious


she prevented cancer, Alzheimer’s, a ton of health benefits


motivation through videos, stepping on the scale


very few headaches, she stopped caffeine before the fast


she needed to plan and schedule more things to keep busy


how much did Mariah research?

she did a lot of research on keto and fasting

she did several shorter fasts, like 72 hour fasts

she had been on omad


Mariah journals including gratitude, affirmations, and tracks her numbers

she lost 37 pounds in 42 days


being social is helpful


she didn’t get food cravings

cravings are from sugar and carbs

if you wonder why you’re always hungry, its because


she will go back to keto and omad and has additional goals


This ain’t medical advice. Consult your doctor


You’re awesome! You’re fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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