Everyone in the low carb community knows who Jimmy Moore is.


He has done several podcasts over the years.  He does a daily Instagram show where he answers questions, if you’re interested, ask him, or any of a dozen other people who answer questions live.



I think Jimmy coined the phrase that fasting is the other F word


Here are some of the points in this video are:

  • fasting is not starvation
  • fasting is not an eating disorder
  • we all fast every day when we’re sleeping
  • Jimmy works at demystify the fasting concept
  • fasting is not extreme, extreme is a big mac, French fries, and soda, which have inflammation, mess with your blood sugar, that is extreme
  • our ancestors had to go periods of time without food
  • fasting is normal
  • its so easy to eat the last meal at 6pm, then eat at lunch the next day. That’s an 18 hour intermittent fasting window
  • If you do one meal a day, make sure you get all the calories, in the right ratios with all the nutrients you need
  • the best way to get the benefits of autophagy is to fast



Jimmy knows a lot and can keep you motivated.


This is not medical advice. Consult your doctor


Start RIGHT NOW its fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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