Listen to 041: Dr. Anthony Gustin – The Link Between Blood Sugar Levels & Chronic Diseases + My Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Results from Keto Answers Podcast: Low Carb Lifestyle | Ketogenic Diet Nutrition | Holistic Health in Podcasts.


Dr Anthony Gustin got a continuous blood glucose monitor implanted into his belly

Here are some points the podcast is made

  • blood glucose is more important to measure than ketones, ketones is just what is circulating, not what you’re using. keto adapted people keep ketones to exactly what you want.
  • measuring ketones is good to know if you’re in ketosis, but level is not necessarily very accurate or meaningful
  • hard to get to 2.0 ketones without fasting
  • you want the feedback loop between what you eat, and what you measure, to be as tight as possible. Ketones don’t provide that as well as glucose
  • blood sugar is a better indicator for overall health and fat loss than ketone levels, including better mood, better sleep
  • glucose testing strips are much cheaper than
  • fasting drops blood sugar
  • movement can decrease blood sugar
  • some people had a sugar spike in a banana, but not the cookie, others spiked with a cookie, but not a banana. Everyone has their own blood sugar profile
  • you cannot trust nutrition facts and should test yourself
  • ¼ of one apple really spiked his insulin past 180
  • a lot of keto friendly foods, including quest bars, actually spiked his ketone levels
  • resistance movement, strength training helps push blood sugars low, much more so than walking
  • you should have at least 3 data points when you test


Here on fasting motivation, we love measuring things until we have found a routine that works for us.  This podcast was very eye opening


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This ain’t medical advice. Consult your doctor


Keto’s awesome!

Keep your blood sugars low, steady, and health-tastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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