Dr. Nick Zyrowski
The Snake Diet | A Few Practical Thoughts



in this Dr Nick talks about what the diet is

  • you start with a 48 hour fast
  • do low carb diet
  • then a 72 hour fast
  • you use your body fat for fuel
  • you drink the snake juice which is your electrolytes
  • keep your eating window small
  • fast between meals
  • a 7 day water fast can clean up your body


Dr. Nick thinks that the diet is not easy to stick to long term


he also notes that there are other ways to get fat off your body



Dr Nick believe there should be some intelligent conversation about this and of course be careful about the information you get on line, even if they are helping a lot of people.


there is a nation full of obese people, at some point you have to get the job done and that’s what Coles doing


Dr Nick is careful to not fully endorse the snake diet, but


I’m surprised that Dr. Nick didn’t talk about Cole’s extremely effective way of keeping people motivated.


This is not medical advice. Consult your doctor


Oh yes, the Snake Diet is DRASTIC

Cole will get you Motivated.  He’ll get you Fasted.


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