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In the linked video, Kayla from Six Miles to supper interviews the first OMAD youtuber, Joe Holman


Here are some of the highlights:


Joe went from 54 inch waist


he did a lot of crash diets

and then found OMAD

the first week was hard, needed distractions

after a month, Joe found his stride and thought “I could do it forever”

….and spoiler here, he has, and plans to keep on keeping on


ittook 6 weeks to break through one of his plateaus



from june 2013 to april of 2014 he went from 363 pounds to 201


joe has a regular job and provides omad help to people who want to go down this path

Joe really started a revolution using Youtube and

people always look for shortcuts, its not possible, you have to put in the work


his guru is the bear

they feast then they famine in the winter

bears !!


we chase our dinner, kill it, cook it, might be once a day


This is Joe’s Mantra:

eat once a day, one plate, then you’re done with it

eat the food that’s around you



watch out for the diet game, where you always change it up

you have to sustain to succeed


don’t allow yourself to cheat

stay consistent, your body will realize eventually what is coming and adjust


empty is the new full

be happy when you’re not full of food


give omad at least 6 weeks before you decide its not for you


walk some, maybe 30 minutes, then get up to 60 minutes a day, or more

listen to audiobooks

get smarter at the same time


don’t change too much, don’t change your diet, it gets too hard, eat one plate of regular food, food you like


Joe did 2 spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar before every meal


you have to have strength to stick to it

otherwise life is always going to throw something at you



cheating is a trap

I might justify through anything that went wrong

and say “I deserve to eat as much as I want” or as along as I want or 2 meals today

or a whole bag of potato chips


there’s always a reason, I’ll start next week, or someone is coming over, or theres an event or it’s the weekend or it’s a day that ends in a Y


start today


once you realize how easy it is, it becomes old hat and its just easier to keep going


then OMAD is you

there’s more to life than eating

there’s more to life than fasting


if you do find that you’re ravenous, give yourself a 5 minute buffer to let it pass

be in control of your eating

don’t go getting rid of any one food group

Joe says don’t go full keto, full carnivore, don’t get rid of food groups

don’t calorie count, just do one plate


you might get 7 waves of hunger during the day

stop and count them

watch them come and go, and the wave of hunger does leave


hunger is all in your head

be natural with it, if you want chinese, go out an get it, but then stop,

there is no negotiating


there’s more to life than omad

when you’re done you’re done


you can play around with your one meal

you can go cheaper

you can try different recipes


don’t change 3 diets

you have the power to take control of your eating


stay focused, have a purpose


go to Joes site:


get involved get coaching get help

ask questions.


This is not medical advice. Consult your doctor


OMAD is the way, its fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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