Get the SweatCoin App (this uses my link)


You’re fasting and that’s how get shredded and keep the fat off.


I know a lot of people use fitbit challenges.


Get together with other people, let other people see if you’ve been just sitting on your ass all day.


anything that can get us to be more active.

simple encouragement to let us get our steps, get our run in every day.

even just a little bit of motivation can get us off our ass get outside, get your walk In, run, take a couple work breaks outside


I just signed up for sweatcoin and I’ll give it a shot.  The app supposedly PAYS you to step.

If you walk the dog (that’s good for fido too, right?

or jog or start doing the couch to 5k



you can generate sweatcoins and use them to get stuff


with stuff like this, get in early, maybe sweatcoins might become more valuable down the road,


get your friends to join and challenge them


you can get some free music, books to listen to


Sweatcoin only works with outside workouts:

  • walk
  • run/walk – set your phone to jog one minute, walk 2 minutes
  • jog every other block
  • go to your high school track, walk the turns, sprint the straightaways
  • then do the bleachers
  • 3 times a day, go outside and walk 10 minutes



This ain’t medical advice. Consult your doctor


fitbit and sweatcoin are motivationally fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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