There’s a War on Sugar. Is It Justified? (Ep. 285 Rebroadcast) from Freakonomics Radio in Podcasts.


Sugar:  A Bittersweet History



why is sugar not a drug?  its addictive

Here are some points:


  • studies on sugar are not very robust.
  • its difficult to do long term studies on nutrition
  • everyone eats every day, so everyone is somewhat of an expert
  • people do not want to comply with instructions in a randomized trial
  • sugar is not regulated in the same way that most additives are regulated by the FDA
  • partly because sugar is already intrinsic to many foods like milk
  • many products have much higher levels of sugar
  • we average 65% over our suggested daily limit of sugar
  • people in the US consume 20-30 teaspoons of sugar each day
  • the most of any country
  • sugar causes insulin resistance especially in the liver
  • sugar and alcohol do the same thing to your liver
  • American diabetes association says to cut down your sugar
  • what has caused the obesity epidemic?
  • the relationship between sugar and obesity is about a 2x link (not that strong of a link)
  • Robert lustig we have 4 criteria to meet if a substance
  • ubiquity, 2 toxicity, 3. abused, 4. externalities – does it affect others
  • alcohol, tobacco, addictive drugs clearly meet these criteria
  • toxicity? fructose makes the liver fat which links to many diseases
  • sugar is not an acute toxin, but it is a chronic toxin
  • sugar is not required by any animal
  • Nicole Aveena determines if sugar Is addictive, and yes the criteria for sugar addictiveness is met
  • sugar is safe in moderation, but sugar is in so many foods
  • does eating sugar affect others? yes in obesity is paid for by everyone
  • sugar may be a much bigger villain than fat
  • regulation around sugar would be really difficult



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This ain’t medical advice. Consult your doctor


Sugar is bad, mmkay! real food is fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.


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