How To Motivate Yourself For Weight Loss (Intermittent Fasting)


what is your mission this week?

I am doing a three day Thursday this week:

omad omad fast fast omad omad omad

that’s 72 hours between supper on Tuesday and supper on friday

earn a gold star every day this week


People don’t lack the knowledge of what to do to lose weight

People lack the will to get started and continue


weight loss will not happen overnight


everyone has the desire to get healthy and look good, but not the will


Samarth’s points:

  • include fasting in your life, as you lose weight
  • hire a personal trainer – but maybe get creative with this. but you need someone
  • use your friends circle, some help, some you need to prove wrong
  • watch transformation videos, listen to podcasts
  • locate and fine tune ways to motivate yourself—track what works and doesn’t – at the end of the day


as you lose weight, you will motivate yourself even more



  • you cannot control what happens to you, only how you react
  • eyes on the prize, buddy, eyes on the prize


Not medical advice. Talk to a doctor


You’re awesome! You’re fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.

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