What is your goal?


Fasting is the foundation and the first goal we have.


we put together a plan for the week

the plan might include a 72 hour fast like:

omad omad fast fast omad omad omad


you might know ahead of time that your week is crazy, so its omad 7 days


or you might be fucking kick ass, and do 3 48s alternating days

and eat one meal on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday


make your plan

stick to it

put a gold star on your calendar when you stick to your plan


at the end of the week, on Sunday, look back, and we better see 7 fucking gold stars


consistency is the key

stick to it ive ness


make it happen


you are in control

I have planned my eats, I WILL eat my plan


and now that I’ve made MY plan, I WILL execute the plan, AS IS, above all else. no excuses

gold stars EVERY DAY


next week?  that’s next week, maybe a different plan, but this week, I’ve got my 3 day Thursday fast and I WILL succeed


Not medical advice. Talk to a doctor


Make it happen, be plantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.


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