I LOVE new years resolutions, they’re one of my favorite things to do.

whats not to love

I’m traveling a bunch just sitting there with my thoughts

I love to make lists


I even do it on memorial day and again on labor day.  why not?


Hell, we do it here every Monday.


I’ll be looking for new years resolution type podcasts over the next few weeks to help me figure out mine.


it’s a process, always tuning, changing, looking to turn things into habits so that I don’t have to focus on it.


pick something to work on

focus on it, use a mantra

it gets easier every day

after 2 weeks it’s a habit

after 3 weeks, you don’t have to think about it any more

and the next month, pick a new goal


get the gold star


omad every day

two day Tuesdays

three day Thursdays

measure it, improve it


drive success buddy





Achieving goals is fucking fantastic

Keeps me Motivated.  Keeps me Fasted.


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