Happy New Years Eve !


Today’s link is to a quick little web site that I can use to motivate and remind myself how easy fasting is.


Here are Jennifer’s 7 tips:


  1. learn the difference between hunger and boredom  remember snacking is for your brain, you don’t need the food.  keep your insulin rock bottom, that lets your body tap into your reserves.  Grazing between meals is bad, it’s a bad bad habit
  2. Fasting ups your energy levels. not having a full stomach gives your digestive system a break and helps you feel more awake.
  3. Break your plateau! change it up!  shortening up your eating window, do a 2-day Tuesday, figure it out, your body WANTS to use the fat that’s been hanging out.
  4. Use your mental space for other things. Eating all the time takes a lot of time and money.  a single meal lets you focus on your life, not on your next meal, on your family and friends, your career, and just plain fun!
  5. Power through your workouts because you’re not feeling full and sluggish. Fasted cardio session can burn more calories than exercise after eating.
  6. Save a bunch of money on groceries, stop eating out as much, less impulsive purchases. What would you do with an extra $30 a week?
  7. Discover a way of eating that works for you. Maybe its intermittent fasting or OMAD, maybe its not, but find a way to feel in control of your relationship with food and less anxious about it.


figure It out !

the fasting motivation podcast is not medical advice,


You’re awesome! You’re fantastic

Get Motivated.  Get Fasted.


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