what is your plan for the week?


I am eating 4 meals this week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

so that’s omad-fast-omad-fast-omad-omad-fast


this channel has focused a lot on weight loss when it comes to fasting, for weight loss my fasting protocol has 2 steps:

  1. lose the fat
  2. stay in maintenance


I’m in step 1 right now – I’ve got a stubborn 10 pounds to go.

I’d like to get there by mid february


at that point, I would normally switch into maintenance mode-where I add and remove fun shit every two weeks – like daily omad or a little more calories

but in mid-february, I will take a week vacation.

I will eat lunch most days and supper every day, sticking to an 8 hour eating window,


but I imagine that I will gain about 5 back (F-me)— it’s part of the plan, 5 pounds is acceptable on a vacation.

I’ll post more about vacation planning later. I’m still working on that motivation and the mantras that I will use



I know I will lose those 5 pounds in 3 weeks, then transition back into maintenance for a couple months….and take it from there.






Figure it out!  the fasting motivation podcast is not medical advice.


We’re smashing expectation

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